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The Council of RFCAs
East Anglia RFCA
East Midlands RFCA
Highland RFCA
Lowland RFCA
North of England RFCA
RFCA for Greater London
RFCA for Northern Ireland
RFCA for The North West of England & The Isle of Man
RFCA for Wales
RFCA for Yorkshire and The Humber
South East RFCA
Wessex RFCA
West Midland RFCA
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Related Info
Primary RFCA:
You should select one Primary RFCA, where all or the majority of work would be carried out, and/or where you are based.

Secondary RFCA:
You are not required to select a Second RFCA. You may select Secondary RFCAs where you are sure of your ability to deliver services in those selected RFCA areas.

User Manual
If you require assistance during the registration process, please refer the user manual below before contacting service desk.
Contractor's User Manual